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The Trash Can is a Item in Hello Neighbor.

Bugs/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There is a popular bug in Pre-Alpha where if the player takes a Trash Can and place it on the Red Car, they can access the first roof. Then, if they take an Arm Char and stand in the right spot, it will glitch into a window and you can access the roof.
  • In Alpha 1. There is a glitch where if the player walks on top of the trash can and presses the control key 2 times he can press space repeatedly to fly. If the player presses the control key repeatedly, they can launch themselves out of the map and explore the secret second house.
    • This glitch is also present in the Pre-Alpha, Alpha 2, and Alpha 3, though it is harder to pull off.
    • In Alpha 3 and onward a sign was added that read "Trash can flying prohibited".
    • In the Alpha 4 the Trash can model was changed to a tall slender trash can, so the player can no longer fly in it.