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"Tool Room"
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Room details
First floor
Alpha 2, Full game

The Tool Room is a room that first appeared in Alpha 2 of Hello Neighbor. It returned in the final game, in which it is a room in the first act.


The Tool Room appears during the first act of the game. It is locked with a silver padlock and requires the lockpick, which is in the tool room itself and requires use of the Magnet Gun through the small window at the side. The room is rather small, and contains boxes, wooden trays and jars of glue, as well as a shovel, a crowbar and a wrench along with the aforementioned lockpick. The wrench is attached to the tool rack via hooks, so it cannot be obtained without actually entering the room.

During the second Act, the tool room appears to have been converted into a furnace room, with all items removed from it, and the room is completely absent from the third Act.

Alpha 2

In Alpha 2, the tool room was locked and required use of the red and silver key. The key was attached to the Neighbor's belt, requiring the player to sneak up on him and steal it. The room contained a lockpick, a crowbar, three buckets, as well as a school desk, a broom, a watering can and a toolbox. There was also a hospital gurney laying on its side, for some unknown reason. The second way to get in the room was by using the Magnet Gun using found upstairs in the Bird Room. Then, you'd have to go outside, and magnetize the lockpick through the window which could open the lock on the door. Either using the lockpick method or pick pocketing the neighbor method would work.