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The Shovel is a key item that first appeared in Alpha 1 of Hello Neighbor, and returned in the final release, where it can be found in Act 1 and Act 2.

The shovel as it appears in the final game.


In the final game, the shovel can be found in the tool room in Act 1, though it seemingly has no function. In Act 2, the shovel is instead in the flooded room guarded by a Sharkotron, and the player must drain the water in order to stop the Sharkotron from capturing them and causing them to be put back in the basement. They can then use the shovel on the dirt mound in the Neighbor's back yard to uncover a coffin, which contains the toy key for the dollhouse.

Alpha 1

The shovel as it appeared in Alpha 1.

In Alpha 1, the shovel could be obtained by using the bell in the Grave Room. The shovel could be used on the grave to obtain the teacher mannequin. The shovel had no other purposes.


  • Although the shovel itself did not appear in Alpha 2, the box which previously held it could be found in the Neighbor's front yard.