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The sharkotron model
The Sharkotron.

The Security Shark was an enemy in Alpha 1 of Hello Neighbor, which returned for the final release.


In the first Alpha, the Sharkotron appeared to be a robotic shark comprised of a toaster, bear trap, a propeller, two small airplane wings and a prosthetic shark fin.


In Alpha 1, it could be found in the Flooded Room, quickly swimming around in circles and patrolling the room. If the player approached the water, it would swim around more erratically and pay special attention to their location. If the player went in the water, it would instantly turn around and make a beeline for them, and should it catch them, it would send them out of the Neighbor's house. The player needed to turn off the furnace in order to freeze the water, which would render the Sharkotron immobile and unable to capture the player.

The Sharkotron also appeared between Alpha 4 and Beta 3, but only as a static object in the Fear Supermarket area or outside the map.

In the final game, the Sharkotron patrols the flooded room and guards the shovel. It was given a redesign and received a sound for movement and an alarm sound for charging towards the player. Its behaviour remains identical to its original incarnation. The player is required to drain the room, which causes the Sharkotron to lie harmlessly on the floor, at which point it can be picked up like a normal item. If the player refills the room with the nearby tap and drops the Sharkotron into the water, it will once again begin patrolling.