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Red Car

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The Red Car

The Red Car is a vehicle owned by The Neighbor. The player is not able to drive this vehicle, nor is it ever seen moving in-game. This car appears to be from the late 1950s giving off that Hello Neighbor takes quite some place in the past. Or that the neighbor likes old-school cars. But since we (the protagonist) also have an early fifties style car, it seems like Hello Neighbor is taking place in the past.

It has been in the same place for the Pre-Alpha and Alpha 1 (right in-front of the Garage parked in the driveway.) In Alpha 2, 3 and 4 the Red Car is seen sitting on top of the fence, as the Neighbor drove the car onto the fence. The car was also parked on top of the fence in the Beta versions and full game. One of the developers of Hello Neighbor stated that it was because "The Neighbor is a bad driver."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In the Pre-Alpha version we can every-so-often see the neighbor work on his car by the front left wheel. We can see it actually on a jack lifting it up off the ground, with the front left wheel off. The Red Car has two separate models. The one where it's on the jack and the other one on all four wheels.
  • In Alpha 3, the Red Car was placed outside the room the neighbor was in for the ending.
  • The car wasn't changed into the new art style until Beta 1. In Beta 2, you could now open the doors and the trunk.
  • In Act 1, you had to find the car key upstairs to get into the trunk of the car so you can get the Magnet Gun.
  • Also in Act 1, the neighbor gets in a car accident involving his car and a pizza truck.
    The Red Car after it was redesigned.