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The Magnet Gun is a Key Item and a Tool Item starting in Alpha 2. It is an item used to grab metal items from a distance. It picks up most of the metal items.

Purposes in the Alpha and Beta Builds

In both Alpha 2 promotional videos, the Magnet Gun is shown grabbing a lockpick from the Tool Room and grabbing the key off the neighbor.

In the complete Alpha 2, we can't use the magnet gun to take it off of the neighbor. We still use it to get a lockpick out of the Tool Room through the window.

In Alpha 3, the magnet gun was behind the fence surrounded by a pile of boxes you had to move or kick out of the way. The magnet gun's primary use was to get the yellow key and blue key. The yellow key being in a container above the front door and in a room you had to jump to on the second floor.

In Alpha 4, the magnet was once again used to get the blue key from the same spot. It was no longer needed for the yellow key since the key was now on boxes in a barred off room you can access by flipping a switch. Instead of the magnet gun being by the fence, it's not below the blue key. You have to unlock the Birthday Room to reach it; it's in this same spot in the future versions of the game.

From Beta 1 to Beta 3, the magnet was still used for the same purpose; getting the blue key from the same area.

Full Game

Act 1

  • In Act 1, you have to get the magnet gun from the neighbor's car trunk after unlocking it with the car key upstairs in the neighbor's house. Then you'd have to get the lockpick from the Tool Room through the window, which would then unlock the door.

Act 2

  • The magnet gun is not used in Act 2. It's not in this Act at all.

Act 3

  • The magnet served the same purpose; get the blue key from the same room.


  • The magnet gun had a sound effect that could be heard in the Alpha 1.5 (Unfinished Alpha 2) when using it. This sound effect never made it into any complete build of Hello Neighbor.