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The Keycard is a key item that appears in Hello Neighbor from Alpha 2 onwards. The Keycard has the same purpose as the key in previous versions, and will open the lock to the Basement. In Alpha 2, the Keycard can be found in the room with a hole in the roof, on a table. It requires either the wrench or crowbar to be accessed. In Alpha 3, the Keycard can be found on the 2nd floor in a room accessible by dropping through a hole in the floor of the blue key room. From Alpha 4 onwards, the Keycard is found in the freezer, and must be unfrozen by turning off a generator connected to the refridgerator. Between Alpha 4 and Beta 2, the generator was in the tram station up the long ladder. In Beta 3, it is instead inside a cage on the front of the house which must be opened by placing certain items on the shelves of the nearby bedroom.