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Hallways are a type of location in Hello Neighbor.


Hallways are found in all versions of the game. They typically serve as transitions between the rooms. They often contain wardrobes in which the player can hide inside, shelves where miscellaneous objects can be found, paintings, a dresser and multiple doors. Hallways will also sometimes contain windows by the front door. When the Neighbor places bear traps under the windows and in doorways, they can be harder to navigate, due to the shape of these rooms. This linear layout also makes it harder to avoid being detected by cameras the neighbor sets up. He'll sometime set up more than 5 cameras on one wall in newer versions of the game, which makes it impossible to not get seen by them. The only ways to deactivate them are breaking them, turning the power off, or turning the security system off in the second floor in Alpha 4 - Beta 3, and Act 3.

In the Pre-Alpha, the hallway at the front of the house was one of the locations where the basement key could be found.