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"Grave Room"
Room details
First floor
Alpha 1

The Grave Room was a room in Alpha 1 of Hello Neighbor.

In Gameplay

The grave room contained a large grave, as well as a shovel inside a locked case, with a red fluorescent bulb above it. A bell had to be obtained and placed on the holder over the grave to get the shovel. The shovel would allow the player to dig up the grave, which contained the teacher mannequin which would complete a puzzle in the classroom to get the gun for the rifle range. There was a poster that said "INSTRUCTION" at the top and showed a person in a coffin pulling on a string, ringing the bell. There were 3 doors leading into the room, two being blocked off by chairs, which the neighbor could break down from the other side and get into the room if he was chasing you.

To obtain the bell to get the shovel, there was two places to get a bell from. A bell from the upstairs bathroom toilet. And also in the flooded room with the Sharkotron swimming around in the water protecting the bell. You could possibly manage to pull off a jump onto the dresser the bell is on if you were skilled enough. But the proper and easier way would be you going into the back boiler room in the back of the house and turning the furnace off to then freeze the water. (Leave the room quickly however, turning the boiler off gets the neighbor's attention and draws him back to the boiler room.) So that way, you can easily walk onto the frozen water and get the bell without the Sharkotron killing you. After obtaining the bell, you would then need to place it on the holder above the grave. The case would open and the shovel could then be picked up. That's when you dig up the grave, take the coffin cover off, and take the teacher mannequin up to the classroom to complete the puzzle for the rifle.

The grave room was never featured again in any future versions of the game. However, in Alpha 2, it showed up in the game's files in a folder.

In Act 2, you needed to dig up the grave in the neighbor's backyard to get a key from the coffin, but this was the closest the grave room ever came to returning in-game.


  • The grave room and the puzzle reappeared in Alpha 2's files.