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The Globe is a key item in Hello Neighbor.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The globe can be found in the attic on the third floor, behind a gate. There are four lights above the gate, which when lit, will open the gate. The lights at first appear to go on and off at random (and the player can grab the globe early as a result). However, they are actually tied to four switches in the room behind the entrance to the Fear Supermarket. Once the player visits this room, they will find apple-shooters pointed towards the switches, causing them to be switched on and off. The player is advised to use the green gramophone in order to grow the tomato plants and block the apple-shooters. They can then flip the switches and return to the attic and grab the globe.

The globe can be used to freeze the water in the flooded room in order to obtain the red gramophone. The player needs to freeze the globe in either their own fridge or the Neighbor's, and then quickly take it to the room with the missing wall and place it on the pedestal there, and then run to the now frozen flooded room, run across the ice and climb a couple of shelves to reach the gramophone.