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This article is a stub. You can help Hello Neighbor Wiki by expanding it.

This article is a stub. You can help Hello Neighbor Wiki by expanding it.

A Glitch is an unintended effect which can or cannot be used to the Player's advantage.


Fast Roof Climb/Easy Ending

At the beginning of the game, grab a bin and wedge it between the bed and the wall in a way you can climb up it and go through the roof. Repeatedly sleep in the bed facing away from the Neighbor until you hear the nightmare music play, then climb through the roof with the bin. Because you never triggered the cutscene, You can freely walk around the Neighbor's House, but He won't be there, allowing you to easily beat the game.

Lean Clip

You can enter the Neighbor's House early by leaning against the doors and picking up chairs blocking them, allowing you to open the door and go inside.

Prop Flinging

If You un-crouch on a medium/large object, it will briefly become stuck to You and can result in interesting results.

It is possible to use this to get onto the Neighbor's roof, but is very inconsistent.

Neighbor Stun

Near the beginning of the game, if You Lean Clip through a wall to get a beartrap, You can have the neighbor set it of and get trapped, resulting in the neighbor being stunned.

Alpha 1

Crouch Flying

It is performed by repeatedly crouching on a physics object. (e.g. lawnmower, bin)

If it is used with a bin, it allows the player to get stuck inside of the bin.

After that, you can repeatedly jump to go OoB.

Alpha 2

Keyhole Glitch

It is performed by repeatedly going in and out of keyhole view.

It can be done on any door that has a keyhole. (e.g. Front doors, Tool room door)

The camera will be moved from the protagonist's neck down to about his knees after doing the glitch.

Closet Glitch

It is caused by going into a closet right when the Neighbor catches you.

When the glitch is in effect, You will get stuck and you will need to reset the game.

Alpha 3

Garbage Can Flying

Although crouch-flying has been patched, garbage can flying is a glitch in Alpha 3.

It is performed by going to a corner, (e.g. the edge of the map) looking down, then Jump and place a Garbage Can below you, You should start floating upwards.

The keyhole glitch returned in this build.