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The garage in the Pre-Alpha

The Garage was a Room in Hello Neighbor. It first appeared in the Pre-Alpha version of the game. It contained items, such as a trash can lid, chairs, buckets, books, boxes, a flashlight, a hammer (which was used to take the board of the basement door), and a watering can. Eventually, bear traps and a pair of binoculars will appear on the wall. After progress was made in unlocking the basement door, a ton of boxes will fill up the garage. There is also a switch on the wall that will open the garage door upon being switched on. Other than the hammer, the garage contains no significant purpose in this version of the game.

In Alpha 1, the garage reappeared. This time, it had a more significant purpose since the hammer could be found here laying on the garage shelf. The garage in this version had a lawn mower, bucket and broom, watering can, boxes, a toolbox, flashlight inside the toolbox, and a beartrap hanging up on the shelf. There was a switch that would open the garage door, but the garage door opening would get the neighbor's attention and draw him to the garage, where he would ultimately find you if you were still there. Alpha 1 was the last appearance of the garage.

In Alpha 2, the garage was cut from the game, but if looking through the game's files, you can find a garage remote which was scrapped. This means that the garage could've made a comeback but was ultimately scrapped. It was found by Savage Snail (Video link: ) at the 1:17 mark. The garage never appears again inside the game itself from Alpha 2 onwards.

The garage in Alpha 1

In Alpha 3, the garage parts, including the garage remote, reappeared in the files. (Video Link: at the 3:02 and 8:01 mark.) Why they reappeared in Alpha 3's files is unclear. The garage may have been planned to be in it very early in development but was scrapped. Nothing that involved the garage ever appeared in the game files after Alpha 3; killing off the garage from the game entirely. The Tool Room seems to have replaced the garage, often containing the crowbar and other useful items to help the protagonist out in future versions of the game.