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The flashlight.

The Flashlight is an item in Hello Neighbor.


In the Pre-Alpha and Alphas, the flashlight was an ordinary-looking yellow and black flashlight. Beta 1 changed the flashlight to a stranger-looking black one with a tall red button.


In Alpha 3, it was always night-time and the house was incredibly dark, so it was an essential. While it is not required in order to complete the game, it is still a useful tool. It can be used to light up dark places, and can also be thrown should the player be short on objects to break windows or attack the Neighbor with.

The flashlight between Pre-Alpha and Alpha 4.

There are many flashlights in various places around the Neighbor's house, and are always either on shelves or in drawers or cupboards. In Beta 3, a flashlight is one of the items that is required to be placed on the shelves that unlock the cage holding the generator for the freezer.