Fear Supermarket

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Fear Supermarket is the first of the three Fear levels that are in the game, and it allows the player to unlock the invisibility power-up, allowing them to avoid being detected by the Neighbor.


The entrance to the level can be found on the 3rd floor behind the door that requires the blue key, which can be found on the second floor. Once the door is unlocked, the player must stand on the platform underneath the door and throw an object at the switch to activate it and lift themself up.

During this level, mannequins are found wandering around, and they will each push a shopping cart from the starting point to the checkout at the end, picking up five specific items along the way. Once the mannequins check their items out at the end, they will disappear, only for more to appear at the beginning of the level. A large sign hangs at the beginning of the level, displaying a diagram that explains how the player avoids detection. That is, they must crouch without moving, and they will go invisible, though they can still look around with the mouse.

The player must study which items are being picked up by the mannequins and place them in their own shopping cart, pushing it along the minecart track while taking care to avoid the mannequins themselves. If the player takes too long to complete the level, all the required items will be checked out, which will reset the level entirely. If the mannequins spot the player, they will glow with a red light while creating a motor-like noise and begin charging towards the player, only stopping if the player uses their invisibility powerup. If they catch the player, they (and their shopping cart, prior to Beta 3) will be sent back to the beginning of the level. However, if the mannequins randomly roam into the player while they are invisible, they will still be sent back. Additionally, as of Beta 3, the mannequins will often steal any items left lying in the player's shopping cart, which must be replaced.

At the end of the track, there is a checkout clerk, who is also a mannequin. Once the player and the cart are next to the mannequin, it will lock them in with two gates while it checks the items in the cart. If it finds an item, a green light lights up on the indicator, accompanied by a beep. If it does not find an item, or finds a wrong item, a red light lights up, accompanied by a buzzer. If the cart does not have the five items, the mannequin will press a button that opens up the floor. The player falls in and will have to start the segment again. It should be noted that if there are any incorrect/missing items, they will be prioritised, and so the red lights happen first. If all items are satisfactory, the gate ahead opens up, allowing the player to reach the exit door. Once they arrive back at the Neighbor's house, they will have the ability to go invisible at any time, though it will not fool the Neighbor when used in his line of sight. This will also allow access to the room with the tomato plants and apple shooters.


  • Fear Supermarket is the only fear level where the ability to be unlocked is a key part of the level.
  • The old method to trigger invisibility was to stand still without moving the mouse. However, it was changed when it confused players, as there was no screen effect for the invisibility and it would cause them to panic.