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Fear Rooms

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About this rooms

These rooms are very important to the player, which may unlock/learn the technique. Some of the techniques are:

  • Double Jump
  • Back-off
  • Invisibility from ducking/crouching

The rooms for Alpha 4

  • In the basement is required to use Double Jump to jump across the gaps like the beginning parts.
  • In the pantry, the player is resized to small while the light is turned off but he's goal is to go to top of the shelves and once the "Space" is shown from the bottom, the player must do it quickly before he loses it; after completing this unlocks the Double Jump.
  • In the school, the player's goal on this room is rush and hide to the farthest side, the mannequins are chasing you so hide quickly on the lockers before they get to you, when you reach to the exit door you'll see a big mannequin and then grabbing, and then showing the "Space" again do it quickly; after completing this unlocks the Back-off.

There are rooms that can kick off the player from Alpha 4

  • The shopping room
  • The ruins

The rooms for Beta

  • Before going in the shopping room, the door is now unlocked (instead of peaking the keyhole), after entering it, again you have to be fast as you can, but make sure you need to drop at least 5 items in the shopping cart.
  • Before going in the flooded room to the ruins, make sure to use ghost mode and find the pipe that drains out the water and go through the barricade and then you'll find a mannequin strangling you, the only way too get out of the gang is throw the basketball, and then just do it repeatedly until you go to the other side.

The shadow man's sights

  • In the basement you can see him on the exit door but if you reach there he's gone.
  • In the school, look from the ceilings and then you'll find him.
  • In the pantry, the shadow man is at the near top of the shelves.
  • In the ruins, the shadow man is outside the ruins acting like sick, having a stomach ache or something.


  • The basement requires the keycard from the fridge which you need to melt it from disabling the power from the the house and the crowbar which is hotted with electric which you need to make it wet/stay it on the place.
  • The pantry requires the red key which is either in your car or in the house.
  • The school requires the green key which is stuck at the magnet.
  • There's a chance that the shadow man's eyes will be gone from the pantry only.
  • Getting to the pantry is much harder now since the red key is locked in to a container.