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"CCTV Room"
Room details
Second floor
Alpha 1, Beta 3

The CCTV Room is a room that has appeared in Alpha 1 and Beta 3 of Hello Neighbor.


The CCTV room has monitors showing the view of many cameras. Turning the monitors off with the nearby switch renders the cameras useless, which makes it easier to roam the Neighbor's house unnoticed, although it isn't necessary.

Alpha 1

The CCTV room in Alpha 1

The CCTV room in Alpha 1 can be found on the second floor near the classroom. The room is small, with not much in it besides the monitors, the switch (which is a red button) and a lockpick. The desk containing the monitors is blue and has an armchair in front of it.

Beta 3

The CCTV room in Beta 3 is still on the second floor, and can be accessed from a couple of locations. The easiest method of entering the room is by climbing the ladder at the side of the house and breaking a window. The room is larger, with a door in the floor. Additionally, the switch is now a metallic lever instead of a red button, and there is a small coffee table in addition to the armchair. The monitors look more like a series of televisions screwed together than a single display, though they function the same. There are no important items in the room itself, so it is entirely optional. Note that entering and leaving a Fear level will reset the switch, requiring it to be turned off again.

Secret Neighbor

In the game Secret Neighbor, the neighbor will respawn in this room after being knocked out by one of the children.