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Buckets are items in Hello Neighbor that the Neighbor sets up as traps.


Buckets were blue and plastic with a yellow handle (with their design changing slightly in Alpha 2) until Beta 3, when they were turned into a metallic silver.


Sometimes, the Neighbor will place a bucket trap on a door. When the door is opened, it drops the bucket, and if the player is nearby, the bucket soaks them with water and obscures their vision. Bucket traps serve as little more than a minor annoyance, as they do not alert the Neighbor to the player's position. If the Neighbor keeps setting up bucket traps that the player triggers, the house will become littered with buckets, making it tricky to navigate.


  • Prior to Alpha 3, buckets could be found lying around in places, but they served no purpose.
    • Additionally, the Neighbor and player could still set up bucket traps, but they did not function correctly.