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"Bird Room"
Room details
Second floor
Alpha 2

Magnet Gun

The Bird Room was a room in Alpha 2 of Hello Neighbor.

In Gameplay

The bird room was located on the second floor of Mr. Peterson's house, at the top of the stairs. In order to get inside, you would have to turn on a generator behind the house outside by the shed, flick a switch on a post by the neighbor's bedroom window, climb into the window, open the door, and quickly run into where a fake wall was covering it. You'll see the stairs and a part of the wall going upwards. Be quick, if you don't get through in time, another fake wall will block it off instead. If you miss it, all you have to do is go back outside, and flick the switch again.

You could also take the ladder up on the backside of the house and climb onto the roof and fall down on the roof in front of the window. You could then use an object to break the window and get inside. The neighbor can't get upstairs most of the time unless you trap him up there while the fake wall is going up and a big enough gap is made.

Once inside, the room contained some boxes, some wheels, a watering can, a chair, a magnet gun, covered furniture, trash, mannequins, a basketball, blocks and a teddy bear on the staircase, as well as a painting of a crow covering up a hole in the wall. The door leading to the child's room is upstairs and you can use the crowbar to take the boards off the door and get inside; giving you the ability to get the keycard.

However, the Bird Room also contained a caged crow. If the player does not look directly at the crow with their vision not obscured by scenery, it would begin calling out loudly and continuously, attracting the attention of Mr. Peterson, only stopping if the player looked at it again, or left the second floor entirely. The crow doesn't alert the neighbor immediately, but if the crow calls too long and too much, then Mr. Peterson's attention is attracted. This was also likely the same crow that stole the small silver key during the tutorial.

The magnet gun upstairs is used for getting the lockpick out of the storage room through the small window on the backside of the house. It also contained the fireworks, which unfortunately do not stun the neighbor. Interestingly though, in the "Fireworks Gameplay" trailer, the fireworks did in fact stun the neighbor for a brief period of time when they were ignited. Them not working in the final version may have been from switching Unreal Engine versions or accidentally tampered with, causing them to not work. The fireworks can still be ignited and set off, but have no effect on the player or the neighbor.