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Bear Trap

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The Bear Trap

Bear Traps are tools used by the Neighbor in all versions of the game.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Bear traps are placed in areas that the Player visits frequently, with the intent of making it easier for the Neighbor to catch them. In the Pre-Alpha, the Neighbor also threw bear traps while chasing the player. If the player walks into the trap (or interacts with it, prior to Alpha 2), they will be caught and will need to repeatedly press the space bar to escape. If the Neighbor is trapped, he will grab his leg and attempt to pull it out of the jaws of the trap, succeeding after a few attempts. When a trap is triggered, the sound of its jaws snapping shut will attract the attention of the Neighbor, similar to the cameras.

If the player breaks a window, the Neighbor may place a bear trap next to the window in order to trap the player the instant they jump through it. The player can also pick up bear traps and use them against the Neighbor, but they can only be picked up if the trap is closed. In the Pre-Alpha, there were sometimes three different-sized bear traps hanging on the wall of the garage that served no purpose, but could still trap the player if they walked into them.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • In Alpha 1 if the Neighbor was trapped with a bear trap and immediately shone at with a flashlight, he would slide forward, but still be trapped.
  • The bear trap can be used to glitch objects out of position by placing it just close enough to an unmovable mesh, then triggering the trap to move the object (e.g. doors, the player).
    • Effectively, this makes the bear trap a useful tool for speedrunning.