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Chairs are items in Hello Neighbor that can be found very commonly around the Neighbor's house.


Chairs come in a few varieties, though each variety has the same function. In the Pre-Alpha, there were only two varieties; a standard wooden chair with a lavender-colored seat and a brown leather armchair with a stripy orange seat and back. As of Alpha 3, there are four varietites. There are brown wooden chairs with red seats that can also be found in the player's house, and there are also reddish-brown wooden chairs with a pink and yellow cushion, a wooden armchair with a yellow seat/back and an orange and yellow armchair with a tall back and a green seat.

The primary use of chairs is to block doors and prevent the Neighbor from entering rooms. However, he can ram into the doors, and after a few attempts, will manage to knock the chair out of the way and open the door. Doors can only be blocked from the side that opens towards the player. A lot of the doors in the Neighbor's house are blocked with chairs and thus must be navigated around via other means. From Beta 1 onwards, there is also a chair blocking the basement, but it can be simply moved aside.